Increase Bone Density, Muscle Strength and Reduce Blood Glucose Levels.

Better Bones. Better Blood. Better Balance.

bioDensity Promotes Increased Bone Density and Muscle Strength.

bioDensity promotes increased bone density and muscle strength and reduces blood glucose levels with advanced exercise-based therapy. It has been shown to improve a number of medical conditions and health concerns and is a safe and effective health and wellness product. Studies show bioDensity can build strength, increase bone density, improve functional movement, reduce cardiac risk and improve Type 2 diabetes*.

These health gains can lead to an improved quality of life and reduced health care costs while providing a solution for those who are not able or willing to commit to a typical exercise regimen.

What People are Saying About bioDensity


Using optimal biomechanics and loading bones through compression, osteogenic loading response (bone growth) is stimulated and ultimately improved. My patients are in control during the entire session and are never forced to strain - it is at their pace, and comfort level. I have seen my patients improve bone density over 8% in one year, which is a gain that is unparalleled with any other modality used in clinical practice today.

Kevin Hall, MD, FAARFM
General Surgery

The real-world musculoskeletal benefits of the bioDensity device and osteogenic loading on strength, coordination, balance and subsequently confidence are nothing short of astonishing. The drug-free osteogenic loading bone density benefits are unique to the bioDensity device. As a surgeon, I foresee the bioDensity device improving my patients quality of life drastically. I studied medicine because I wanted to help people, and biodensity has shown me how I can safely and cost effectively grow my practice and touch the lives of many more than I thought possible.

Jeffret Bentson, MD
Orthopedic Surgery

I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes several months ago. My A1C was at 7.7. I have been using bioDensity at BioStrength in Palm Desert for about 2 months. After constant dedication to the program I went to have my 2nd blood test. The doctor was shocked. He said I am no longer diabetic; not even pre-diabetic. He said he's never seen anything like this before.

Jacobi S.
bioStrength customer

I pay close attention to my patients progress and results and am more convinced every day that the decision to incorporate osteogenic loading with bioDensity has been extremely beneficial to my patients. After 6 month using bioDensity once a week, I have seen patients with bone density scans showing a remarkable 7% improvement.

Harvey Mishner, MD
Internal Medicine