"As a researcher in the area of exercise and health, I have been impressed with the benefits of bioDensity and the physiological changes associated with using it on a weekly basis. In particular, I have seen important improvements in strength and activities of daily living in persons ranging in age from 18 to 93 years. The technology is sound it is safe to use and well worth the small amount of time involved in using it."

Jim Skinner




"We are proud to announce that the first client using bio Density that we have been following carefully for 3 years has achieved remarkable results. This individual came to us with DEXA scores in the high -4.5 to -4.9 range for spine and hip. This person (now a mature adult) had a history of an eating disorder as a young person. Each of the three years using bio Density as part of the exercise protocol demonstrated improvements in DEXA scores. Over the combined 3 years spine improved 27% and hip improved 19%. While these changes may not be typical for all individuals, we were most interested in the fact that improvements were observed each year over a three year period. This individual was not taking any prescription drugs for bone mineral density"

Ascend Chicago




"In my practice, we use bioDensity as a part of an all encompassing wellness program that includes dietary recommendations and other modalities. Patients see the documented benefits of osteogenic loading on their bioDensity performance reports which enhances compliance. Patients enjoy coming back every week for the osteogenic loading experience, which is fast, safe, and convenient, but most of all they know they are improving their bone health, and general health without the concerns of pharmacological side effects. The psychology of using bioDensity is profound because the patient really sees how they can be put in control of a large aspect of their health, which will provide benefit for the rest of their lives."

Warren Ross, MD 
Double board certified,
Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine




"The principles of this bioDensity device are based on published research of mechano-transduction, meaning that loading of the body creates an adaptive response. This research has existed for over 100 years. The cleverness of the device was the level of loading the individual was able to receive while in a safe and controlled environment. Once learning about this device, I not only prescribed patients exercise/therapy sessions with it, but I also engaged in the use of the device myself. My personal use saw an increase in spinal density and maintenance in hip density within normal T-score range. The spine was osteopenic and was less so after bioDensity use. Equally important was that my full body force production capability increased by 169% in the eight months of using the osteogenic loading protocol, just one time, either weekly or bi-weekly. Since this initial experience I have seen other positive bone mass density outcomes with the use of this device, and I am excited to share my experience so other practitioners like me can use this knowledge with their patients."

EleanorHynote, MD
Internal Medicine
Former President of the American College for the Advancement of Medicine




"I was fortunate enough to be one of the initial 400 test subjects for Osteogenic Loading via the bioDensity Device. As a Physician I realized that the vast majority of the population should be using this technology to access the human body's own natural process for creating bone mass, and building tremendous levels of muscular strength. I have always been involved with fitness, and have been an advocate of the curative nature of exercise, but no modality I have come across has the potential to change the lives of so many millions of people like this one. In my own personal use, I saw a force production increase from my neuro-musculoskeletal system of 119% in thirty-two months. Others that I observed in the program had similar responses, along with improved bone mass density and posture."

Steve Shifflett, MD 
Orthopedic Surgery



"At The Claremont Club we are proud to be one of the major players in helping to bridge the gap between health care and fitness. We believe that Exercise is Medicine and that it is actually the most powerful medicine available today. Part of our Exercise is Medicine offerings include group and individual classes with Power Plate as-well-as bioDensity for those struggling with osteoporosis. Both technologies are key to our success in providing RESULTS for our members looking to continue to live healthy, independent lifestyles."

Mike Alpert, President/CEO 
The Claremont Club 
1777 Monte Vista Ave, Claremont, CA 91711