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Performance Health Systems conducted a 12-week trial focused on 60 men and women in their early 80's and studied the effects of using bioDensity and Power Plate on strength (force production), balance, and functional independence at Springpoint Senior Living facilities.

Improved leg strength; reducing fall risk and incidence

  • Significant increases in force production
  • Increase of 47-48% for chest press
  • Increase of 50-51% for leg press
  • Increase of 22-38% for vertical lift
  • Remarkable improvements in static and dynamic balance
  • Improved leg strength; reducing fall risk and incidence

The results from the study serve as an opportunity for any hospital-based fitness facility addressing the needs of older individuals who experience reduced strength, balance, and functional independence, thereby diminishing quality of life and increasing societal and individual health care costs. Power Plate and bioDensity provide effective, safe and lifestyle accommodating interventions to minimize or reverse many common issues associated with aging.

Simply Strong for Life at Bone Life Clinic

"Bone Life Clinic is proud to present Simply Strong for Life Program. This is a holistic therapeutic training program that uses the latest scientifically proven technologies bioDensity and Power Plate to help people improve their strength and balance and stay strong for life. It works as a preventative to Osteoporosis and/or treatment reversing Osteoporosis, improving the quality of life to those affected by low bone density and other muscular skeletal issues, by triggering the body's natural responses. The results are incredible and the treatment is once per work, sweat free without any harmful pharmaceutical intervention."

bioDensity on Chicago's Fox-32

bioDensity was featured during the health segment of Chicago's Fox-32 Midday news show. The segment focused on the origin of bioDensity, and how Dr. John Jaquish developed the first device to treat his mother's osteoporosis. After reversing her condition, now bioDensity helps thousands of people worldwide.

bioDensity on NBC Palm Springs

bioDensity was featured on NBC Palm Springs: Your Health Matters with Janet Zappala. "Even though we can't see them, bones play a crucial role in the overall function of our bodies. They protect vital organs like the heart, and serve as a frame for the body. We build it when we're young, and try to preserve it as we age, but if you discover that your bone density is lacking, there's a non-pharmaceutical system that's getting results."

Osteogenic Loading & bioDensity Lecture - Medical Wellness Association 2013

The science and understanding of Osteogenic Loading and the device that provides a safe application, bioDensity. Presented by Dr. Jason Conviser, and the inventor of the technology, Dr. John Jaquish.

New Book: The Health and Wellness Professionals Guide to Medical Fitness Exercise

The Health and Wellness Professionals Guide to Medical Fitness Exercise, by Jason Conviser, Ph.D., FACSM and Robyn Stuhr, published by Healthy Learning Publishers in 2017 highlighted both Power Plate and Bio Density in chapters dealing with a non-pharmacological approach to osteoporosis and type 2 diabetes as well as improvements in numerous activities of dialing living.

August 12, 2020, Medical Economics

"Why my new practice is devoted to reversing chronic disease"

Joseph E. Scherger, MD, MPH, Arnel Sator, MS, PTA

You can find the article here.

December 2, 2019, International Diabetes Federation

Dr David Jaimovich MD traveled to Busan, South Korea to present our diabetes findings at the International Diabetes Federation. The Congress was attended by over 12,000 people from 180 countries. The title of the presentation was “The Impact of Glycemic Control Through Progressive Resistance Training with bioDensity in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes”

You can find the article here.

Crain's Chicago Business | Can this exercise machine reverse osteoporosis?

bioDensity was featured today in a Crain's article "Can this exercise machine reverse osteoporosis?". The piece tells the story of Elly Laser who needed treatment for osteoporosis. Elly tried the standard regimen, oral biphosphates, but couldn't tolerate them. A yearly infusion of the medicine was prescribed, but Laser couldn't fathom injecting a biphosphate into her body. While searching for a non drug osteoporosis treatment, she found Ascend CHC's bioDensity clinic in her Streeterville neighborhood and began weekly bioDensity sessions. Ascend CEO Jason Conviser is so convinced that osteogenic loading works that he offers a money-back guarantee after one year.

After seven months of treatment, Elly's scans show her condition "has moved from osteoporosis, which could kill her, to osteopenia, which she can live with and even go tango dancing."

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March 15, 2018, Dr. Jason Conviser, Ph.D., FACSM and FMFA presented to over 400 fitness industry professionals at the International Wellness and Fitness conference in Shanghai China on his research with bio Density and type two diabetes and osteoporosis.

China currently has over 200 million diabetics and they are very interested in finding approaches to help diabetics control their A1c levels in a non-clinical setting.

You can find the article here.